Saturday, March 27, 2010

Watch Television on Computer The Fastest And Most Reliable Way

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Ever wondered how you could watch TV on your PC? I'm quite confident that it's possible that you wish to and may have even searched high and low for ways to do so. There are several methods which I would like to tell you about. Some of them are free and some are not.

This software enables you to watch more than 3600 channels in High Definition (HD) quality on your PC instantly after you download and install the software.
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Free method to watch television on computer

There's a couple of websites which stream television channels such as WWITV and ChannelChooser allowing you to watch television on your PC for free. There's a couple of neat programs available that you might wish to have a look at.

However since they're free, the service they provide is of very low quality. There are always lots of people surfing the sites and the loading takes ages. The buffering takes some time before you are able to see anything on the scree. Since bandwidth is limited, the picture quality is sometimes horrible as well as it takes a long time for each frame to refresh.

Paid options to watch television on computer

Other option is to buy a black copy of TV card. You can find tons of similar offers on internet auctions. I'm talking about unencrypted emulators which intercept TV feeds from broadcasting stations.They cost $100, or something around that.

But this method has its drawbacks as well. Since the TV providers are always hunting after these hackers, we can see always new and new jamming devices with purpose to stop these cards from working. In case you think you could possibly trick the system, you should probably know that the lifespan of such cards is somewhere around a couple of days, maybe weeks.

The legal options to watch television on your PC is to use either PCTV card or a PC satellite TV software. The PCTV cards are hardware cards which you plug into your USB port or fix onto your motherboard. You can buy each card for about $400 if it's quality and can receive over 300 channels.

On the other side, the most popular method what I see is watch TV on your computer using a piece of software. It is affordable at a price tag of $50. Probably the best thing is that you pay just once and you have it for lifetime. Thanks to this software, you can tune into over 3000 channels across all around the world. And that's not the only thing, you can even listen to radio stations.

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